LEM 16 power bank

I just received my LEM16 with it’s power bank. It looks identical to my Optimus 2 power banks. Is there any difference between the two power banks as far as MH and voltage (one is 1000MH and the other is 900MA)? Are the polarity on the charring pins the same?

I have used both of these on my Optimus 2 but one only has two pins and the other has four.
The Z40 does not seem to work with both but the Optimus 2 does… :thinking:
Strange, but that’s my experience.

However, no matter what I say - please check the polarity with a simple led bulb or something.
I don’t want to be responsible if they have changed something and not informed me.
I have one of the very first Z40 LEM16 and you have a new one.
Who knows what the factory is doing in between then and now :confused:.
Be careful :handshake:


thanks! I’ll verify the polarity with a tester at work. If they’re compatible I’ll have double the power banks.


I verified the polarity of both banks. They are the same. I’ve been using them interchangeably on both my LEM16 and Optimus 2 for about 5 days. I’m not seeing any adverse effects.


Yep, that’s my experience too.
Thanks for the confirmation.
I am always very careful about recommending this, but it seems to be working well.
This why I am hesitant to tell people it’s ok…

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