Lem 12 stopped working

my watch lem12 stopped working- can’t charge it
When i try to charge it, it’s getting extremely hot and not turning on.
please help

If you press and hold together both buttons ( 20-30 ) seconds do you get a response when you release them . Do you see a red battery logo . DONT keep charging if getting hot for now . Try a lower power source ( laptop ) . If watch doesnt book you will have to flash it

Thanks for responce.
I did try both buttons hold for more then 30 sec- didn’t work.
I used to see red battery sign, but not anymore

Sounds exactly as what i had with a prime . Your only option is to attempt to flash . Hopefully it will work .

How i flash the watch?

Here is the firmware

Make sure you select firmware upgrade in flash tool


Thank you
I will try

Good luck and be carefull :+1:

i cant find the corresponding MT6739_Android_scatter file in the Kospet
Optimus_Pro folder when start flash tool/
I dont see it when unzipped the flash tools zip

The firmware is in this post ? As i posted above

As you have a Lem12 why do you mention a optimus pro folder ?

He’s not the first guy looking for an optimus pro folder while having another watch, remember this thread: Prime goes glitchy if Data is on. wifi=fine 4G=useless guesses?
maybe you will have to edit the flashing tutorial :wink:


An update:
I stuck on stage of downloadind scatter file.
Nothing happening.
Any suggetion?
Getting little bit frustrated from the watch.

fair enough . Its a general tutorial another user donated . I thought it was pretty simple .

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Try watching this

Or reading this

Inside this folder are:
a) the drivers for MTK Flash Tool - auto install for easy use.
b) the latest firmware
c) 7zip extraction tool
d) latest MTK SP Flash Tool

Flashing is not as difficult as people think - once the MTK driver is installed.
These details assume you have a Windows PC/Laptop. If you have a MAC I cannot support it.
Linux is possible but you will need to find the drivers and flash tool - it’s recommended to use Windows.

To install the driver you just extract the file and run as administrator and reboot your PC.
Watch should be well charged and powered off and USB cable connected (at the watch end) to the dock or the watch - depending which way you choose - see below.

Extract the firmware to a folder you can create on your desktop.
Extract the flash tool to your desktop. It’s a self contained app in it’s own folder and the .exe file is in this folder you extracted. Jut run it from there.

Open the flash tool and a widow will pop up saying there is no scatter file. Don’t worry - this is normal. Dismiss the warning and use the scatter file browse button to browse to the firmware IMAGE folder which is in your extracted firmware folder. Select the scatter file.

Now the firmware will load into the flash tool.
Select “firmware upgrade” option in the flash tool (do NOT select format all + download!!).

Once all this is done you click the download button in Flash Tool and connect the other end of your USB cable to your PCs USB port - flash will start immediately.

You MUST NOT disturb the watch or dock while flashing!! This can cause permanent damage if you disturb it and flashing is interrupted.

To be honest - I use the regular USB cable (that Jason has included in the box) and connect to the back of the watch directly. Just in-case there is any vibration or anything that could interrupt the flashing process.

It will complete fairly quickly. You will see yellow progress bars as each partition is being flashed.
At the end you will see a message saying “Complete”

Close this message and then disconnect your watch and boot it up by pressing the power button.
First boot after flashing takes a while. Around 5 minutes.