Lem 12 Pro Will Not Charge


I accidentally let my watch run all the way down. Now I am to get it charged, but it has been sitting on the dock for hours. Any thoughts? I’ve been using the standard three-pronged cable with my limited musical abilites.

Try to press both buttons for ten seconds while the watch is plugged on.

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Hi. I just tried these steps - pressed the two buttons for a little more than 10 seconds. There is no observed change. Could the contacts on the charge be bad even though the magnets appear to fit snugly? From where do I purchase a new charging cable if this is the case?

Is it possible to purchase the three-prong cable on Amazon? What would I call it? A watch-charging cable?

You’ll find some at Aliexpress.

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What would I be searching for on AliExpress? Watch charging cable?

Reflagging my question again for the mods. What would I be searching for on AliExpress for the charging cable? Also, I am really surprised that the charging cable would go bad so quickly?

Do you really think this is a question that only a moderator can answer? I think you should ask google.

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I wanted to follow up with the results of my continued research on this issue. I was able to purchase another cable, however, the watch will still not boot up. Wondering if anyone on this forum has any thoughts? Or is it safe to say that this watch is DOA? Appreciate your wisdom on this. Please bear in mind that I am totally blind, so some of the questions I ask may require some additional explanation since I am unable to see cable images and such. My profuse apologies in advance, therefoe, for all my questions. Thank you.

Hi following up on this thread. Would removing the back cover and battery resolve the issue? I am having trouble finding the type of tool I should use for this. Since I am blind, I’ll need assistance from someone who can see to find this info. Grateful for the assistance.

Have you tried connecting the watch to a PC with the charging cable? If the PC reads the clock as a memory unit, I think the cable would not be the problem and it could be ruled out that it is a cable failure.

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