Lem 12 PRO: random reboot, boot loops, crashing apps, extreme heat

I bought LEM 12 Pro yesterday and I have mentioned issues. I can no longer use the watch more than a minute without at least one of the such problems.

I decided to flash new firmware after having “dm verity corruption” message in boot.

Firmware v6 is more problematic as I observe. Watch came with the v5 and I flashed both of v5 and v6 images (which given in official support topic) several times by following factory resets.
Currently there is v5 from @pablo11.

I bought this watch from one of the local stores, and changing the IMEI to avoid costly government registration process is quite common practice among sellers here. Seller is ready to get back watch and accepts responsibility for result of the IMEI modification if it is the cause.

But I don’t want to wait until shipping watch back, get refund, order new one from another place, and new watch comes in days, setup everything again and so on.

Is there anything that can I do to fix this watch?

I am computer engineer, I guess I can apply whatever instructions and any help would be appreciated. I also wanted to contribute community using my first watch but even I had not chance to use it.

Thanks for your time fellows.

V06 is stable and I am using it now.
You must use firmware upgrade option in the flash tool when you flash it or you will have verity issues

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By the way, I think I had to tag my post instead of putting LEM 12 PRO in title but I could not notice that option, sorry.

Hi Pablo, yes I did. Download only first, firmware upgrade after that. Several times.
I only did not try the first option in flash tool which mentions “formatting” before confirming it with you.

You never use the format all + download option or you can lose the mac addresses and IMEI
If IMEI has been flashed correctly it will not cause verity issues.

Flashing the firmware v06 using firmware upgrade option in the flash tool will stop verity issues

You are right, firmware upgrade does the job for verity corruption but boot loops, app crashes and random reboots are still there.

I see watch number=unknown in settings->about watch. Can it be a marker to identify the issue?

Mine is the same.
Watch number unknown.
So another factory reset is not working?

Is imei visible in “About Watch”?

It sounds like something has happened to your watch.
No one else has had this problem

So you think it is because hardware? Can we do anything more than flashing these images if it is because OS?

Is there any logs that can I deliver to investigate what is going on?

By the way I never see less than %50 overall cpu usage in CPU Monitor app and it is at least 35 degrees celsius in idle.

Sorry for answering in multiple messages, yes IMEI is visible and cellular data works.

Yesterday it forced me to do 5th factory reset by a boot menu with a cute lying down Android mascot.

Exactly. But this image reboots more than v5.
V5 has more app crashes (app silently quits), v6 has more reboots.
In both images Play Store constantly trying to download apps over and over after %100.

Can you install Skype from play store and able to proceed until pressing call button with any of those images? I even don’t talk about staying in call for a second :slight_smile:

Are you sure your apps are excluded from being closed by the background cleaner ?

I flashed v6 now.
-App crashes
-Random reboot (even when it is 35 degrees celsius)
-Play Store infinite download loop
-Boot Loop
are still happening. As I see v6 is around 5 degrees warmer.

Yes @Eric_Crochemore. They are unchecked in Clean Task and also in Settings.

Sorry, but it’s not very clear. When you’re in boot loop, you normally don’t reach the Android launcher. So do you mean that all those things are not always there ? Sometime boot loop, sometimes not ?
That’s very odd.
i don’t know what is happening…

I can’t observe any “makes sense” patterns for any of the issues except temperature correlation in boot loop.

I thought GPU load, I thought network, I monitor CPU cores but none of them able to show a consistent marker :frowning:

Boot loop could be misleading you are right. This kind of boot loop allows me to quickly shut down watch just before it reboots. After waiting some time and powering on, watch stops restarting itself.

On other hand this loop may happen anytime and it will happen %90 when temperature goes above 45 degrees.

Unless you are in the Sahara desert I’d say if your watch is running 45 degrees celsius then something is causing it to get too hot. I don’t believe they should run that hot normally. After all you’ve done it sounds like a hardware problem so a return may be the only solution.