Lem 12 Pro and Lem 15 Comparisons


For those who have had the good fortune of owning both the Lem 12 Pro and Lem 15, what are your experiences and comparisons? I know that these are very similar devices, so is one working better than the other over longer-term use?

Thank you.

I have both and I notice very little difference, but I haven’t done a thorough comparison. O ne advantage of the LEM12 is the speaker is a bit louder and clearer. One for the LEM15 is the SIM card slot is on the side instead of the bottom reducing the chance of sweat getting into the watch.

Stopped using my LEM12 Pro because of moisture issues (even with tape on the back). Since the LEM15 has the slot on the watch side, this issue should be minimized. I’ve had no other issues with my LEM12 Pro. I do not have the LEM15 so ymmv.

So the Lem 15 has double the memory at 128 GB, correct? Which one is your daily driver, since you have both?

Yes, I forgot to mention the bigger storage of the LEM15. Right now I’m actually alternating between both for everyday indoor non-intensive use. I also have a number of other FA watches for different use cases.

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How does battery life compare or are they virtually the same? Also, is there any difference in charging times because of the larger storage on the Lem 15? Lastly, which other FA watches do you have?

Battery life & charging time seem about the same but I haven’t timed them. Both have the international firmware so things might be different with the stock fw. I don’t think storage size would affect charging time. FA watches are kind of my hobby so I have a bunch. Let’s see…

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