Lem 12 Pro and Buyer's Remorse

Hi, I have had my Lem 12 Pro for two weeks and I have buyer’s remorse. Is there a huge difference between the Lem 12 Pro and Lem 14? How do size and battery life compare between both devices? Is Lem 14 bigger? I looked at Smartwatch Ticks video but could not clearly tell. Thank you.

They are both great watches . But if you want a smaller thinner watch the lemfo lem 12 pro is a winner . If you want a more water resistant watch with bigger battery then then lemfo lem14 wins but is much thicker . As far as we know neither have hardware issues .


I personally prefer the Lemfo LEM 12 pro because I like the design a little better. But, as the doctor said: both are good watches, you can’t really make the wrong decision.


With all-day data usage for notifications and such, about how long do you Lemfo 14 owners go between charges? I suppose I am trying to find out, how long does the battery last on the Lemfo 14 vs. the Lemfo 12. If that difference is an additional day of battery power between charges, then the purchase of the Lemfo 14 would be worth it for me.

The L12 you will get one long day from it then it will need charging . The L14 i would say 1.5 days

Both with heavy use

Thank you to the Doctor and others who have replied with this helpful info. One final question: How do the audio quality and speakers on both devices compare? Is one better than the other? I notice that the speaker on the Lem 12 Pro is exposed, and I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I am particularly curious about this since I am visually impaired, so listen to the speech from the accessibility setup from TalkBack rather than looking at my watch’s display. Thank you.

I think the LEM 12 pro is the right choice for you. A few of the LEM 14s (not all) have problems with the loudspeaker due to the IP68 sealing. These problems have not been reported to me with the LEM 12 pro.