LEM 10 update problem

Hallo, I wanted to install a LEM 10 update, but the alert window is too broad to touch, so only the cancel button can be reached, not the install now button.

Press and hold the power button . Click on the round white circle at the top of the screen . This will put you in square mode . When you have finished do the same again to return to round mode. Thanks

The LEM 10 is already square. There is no switching between round mode. I have the same problem.

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Maybe that app adaptation setting can solve this.

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Oh, you’re right! I had it on, but I turned off the app adapter and now I can see the full warning and click the OK button!


Apologies . I didnt read the top of post . As you can imagine we answer this question daily :sweat_smile:

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Is running, thx a lot!