Lem 10 OTA update

While I had the Wi-fi on yesterday I got a notification that there was an ota update. Has anyone else noticed this and installed? I am waiting until I can backup my files to make them easy to re-install.

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what is your current process for creating a full image backup ?

I did not say a full image backup. I am just backing up “my files”, apps, clockskin, music, pictures etc , onto my computer, so I can easily reinstall everything, after doing a factory reset. For example I can reinstall all my apps that are stored in the “apps” folder without having to go to the PS and download all them again. A suggestion I picked up from Mr. Ticks.
Using the App Backup and Restore I always have the most current version backed up on the watch or my phone.


Feel free to share the app you use on here :+1:

Here is the backup and restore app.



Thanks for sharing :+1:

could someone be kind and let us know the firmware version they pushed? also, any changes you may notice?

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downloading now, thanks so much.

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what is the new OTA update version?

Hello, I have tried to update, but it does not let me because a message is cut and I cannot accept it.

Press and hold the power button to enter Power off menu. Hit the upper circle to enter square mode. Now you should be able to do it.

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I’ve tried it, but it restarts without updating. First I press the long button for the shutdown menu and then the circular button?

Thank you and excuse my ignorance.

Yes. Goto settings- about watch- System update. Then press and hold powerbutton. Enter square mode, quitt. Now you can reach everything. Check if there is an update, if not, nothing will happen.

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If he is updating the Lem 10 there is no square mode, its a square watch. I go into Settings Search app and change the font or display size to make the full screen accessible.If I read right he is shutting down the watch and expecting the screen to change.


:joy::joy::joy: you are right! I didn’t noticed that we are talking about the LEM 10! Thanks for the clarification. I should take more time to read the post!:wink:


Lower font size

I see no one is reporting information about the update. I am waiting to see what the response is as I am not having any issues with my Lem 10 and believe, If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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Hi Guys.

In also encountering an issue with the wireless update - Cant action due to screen sizing issue
Maybe a conincidence or not but some of the apps are not opening now

Anyone aware of a fix ?


Change the font size to help see all the screen. Or the default screen size if font is ok. I have to do it since I run a larger font size so it is easier to read.

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Stupid question but how do you change font size on lem 10?