Lem 10-Battery life and screen trouble

Hello everyone,i received the Lem 10 five days ago and the battery life it’s really poor: barely 7 hours only with mobile data on and screen brightness at minum level, no GPS no bluetooth no wifi on. I have disabled Google Sync, received just some whatsapp…no calling, no vibration. And about the touch screen : on the bottom it’s really difficult to type or tap icons and so on. I tried to connect the watch via USB to transfer files…no connection…it failed. Any tips how to improve or solve this issues? thx for support.

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have you activated the USB file transfer in the USB settings ?

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No…I will do…my bad, on the Lem T didn’t do that and it worked. Thx a lot!

In settings-connection the USB option it’s not available:frowning:

The issue could be whatsapp running in background . Make sure its disabled in battery saver and let me know what battery life is like . I have a Lem10 and battery is superb . Thanks


Is it charging okay with cable ?

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In order to receive notifications from WhatsApp I have to disable it in the battery saver list.

Yes it is… although need to check carefully if it’s plugged good… that’s another little issue. Thanks.

I appreciate that . But it has been noted that it is a huge battery killer ( or was ? ) . Just trying to get to the bottom of your battery problem .

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Thanks a lot!! My husband “stole” my Lem T and gave me the 10…ppppfffff! :rofl:

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so… this discussion ended on “the steal story”… sombody please share the solution for battery life too.

Are you just wanting general battery saving tips ?

not only saving battery option but also some other options what I want to keep active. In default settings for battery… Screen turn off in 15 sec… when screen turns off… only pedometer remains on… and everything else turns off. So what I do…

  1. I keep whatsapp (not in battery saving mode), to keep it ON
  2. Google maps requires (always) to enable “the most battery consuming option” GPS+wifi+bluetooth+mobileDate (which i don’t want but this is a compulsion).
  3. Also I want to keep active google maps so my location could be tracked (for my kid actually) or suggest me some different app for map with sharing location to parents … which is safe too according to their privacy policy.
  4. If screen is ON with MAP navigation on 3G or 4G (this watch becomes soooooper hot)

These three things i need. whatsapp + location services + (Alternative to Google Map but good location reporting to parents.)

With all of these… I think battery doesn’t last for more then 30~ 40 minutes…
Thank you

I think you may need to be a bit more realistic to what these watches can do with the size of battery they have . Running apps with screen - wifi - 4g - gps all on at the same time will kill all the watch quickly especially if tracking your children . Probably not relevant but standard battery saving tips are

Pedometer off
Wifi and gps only on when required
Google sync off
Raise off
Apps in battery and data saver - on
Screen timeout - 5 seconds

Most users come up with there own combination after testing whats best for them.

Sorry but i have not tested any tracking apps to suggest .


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thanks… so… with above combination we got only … “Watch Face”. :slight_smile: Did you forget phone notification from WiiWatch or we can use that at least? … I will have to buy something different for child then.

Personally i would use watchdroid . Much better that wiiwatch 2

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Does that work with IPHONE

No, watchdroid doesn’t work on IOS.

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I wasted 130usd for a 20$ thing!

I accidentally ran my Lem 10 completely dry and it shut down on its own. Thought this would be a good time to check the battery capacity with my inline V/A meter. So when it was completely charged to 100% it showed the battery accepted 780mah of power.