L'Duchen Day and Night

This is the L’Duchen Day and Night. A very simple watch without a moon phase. I find the dial very impressive, so I wanted to see if I could replicate it. There are 3 different versions. For A5 Stock Launcher, for A7 and A10 Stock Launcher and for Universal Launcher.

credits: https://lduchen.com/

Download for Universal Launcher: -LD2U.zip - Google Drive

Download for 7.1 and 10.1 Stocklauncher: -LD2.7.zip - Google Drive

Download for 5.1 Stocklauncher: -LD2.5.zip - Google Drive




Thanks G . Another great clockskin . Thanks :+1:

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Thanks. It was a challenge to make the hands for the lower layer disappear without a trace.

The difference of the 3 versions: The universal launcher version has dynamic light on the hands. The two Stocklauncher versions do not have this. The Android 5.1 version has a digital date. Unfortunately, 01, 02… is displayed instead of 1, 2… But the UL version and also the SL version 7.1+ have a date wheel.
Therefore, single-digit numbers can also be displayed.