Launcher for Kids smartwach - step by step guide


Could you please help me with setting a watch for my child?
I see you do some great things, but for me this all thing is too much overwheming :frowning:

Long story short:

  • there is no “normal” smartwatch for kids with SIM card and dedicated OS on the market (just those ugly “kids-watches” )
  • So I bought a chineese smartwach for my kid, which has Andoid 9.0 inside.

Everything is great (and surprisingly works) except its theme it just looks ugly. I wanted to make it look more apealing, like modern smartwatches / smartbands are.

What I did:

  1. I downloaded Universal Launcher, but its “UI” is same as ugy, as my chinese OS.

  2. I do not know how to install other theme in Universal Launcher :frowning:
    Launcher installed corectly, but:

  • If I touch watch watchface, it freezes and does not react
  • In settings if I click “select skin” it shows one face and not react
  • I put theme zip to general folder (and few other folders), does nothing.
  • tried few other things…

How should I install other face?

Please help guys with some “step by step”.

If it’s one of these cheap Android 9 watches that are floating the market, then we can’t help. They are much to limited.

Have a look on our yt channel, there’s tutorial for installing UL and other faces.

Eric! Thank you!
I managed to do it.

For others:

  • you must have a folder on your device /clockin
  • If you do not have one >> create one
  • put a ZIP file with a skin into that folder.

Guys, so I have to more questions, maybe you could help as good, as above :slight_smile:

  1. How to change other icons?
    I checked few ZIP files. All are changing just a watchface.
    Is there a way, to change also those icons on top (battery/bluetooth, etc) , and icons on below?

  2. How to change stopwatch and calc?
    When I move from watchface twice right I can see very ugly stopwatch and even uglier calculator.
    How to change them?

  3. How to delete app? When I move right from watchface I have list of apps. When I click-hold one, I can change icon, but not remove one from watch.

P.S. I am so impresed with how this Launcher well worked. Someone did huge job!

I really would love to pay 200usd and buy a nice smartwatch for kids, but there is no option on the marked. Just noone produce them.

With SIM card you can have a “baby-watch” (which my 9yo does not want), or this “cheap Android 9” what you say.

Good Eric gave me a hint and made it work.

Good news.

  1. No
  2. No
  3. Use the system setting delete app menu that came with your watch.

If you want a more tunable launcher, you can install nova for example, or simple launcher. With a simple widget for Time…

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