Latest TWRP for W812 (X1/D5/X3/K9) Only now I noticed that I didn't yet

Latest TWRP for W812 (X1/D5/X3/K9)

Only now I noticed that I didn’t yet publicly released my latest TWRP image for W812.

Changes list over my previous release

  • Improved backup format
  • boot and nvram partitions can now be included in the backup/restore operations
  • Includes some new tools in Advanced menu (use it with caution)

This version was tested with support of @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 and @Lokifish_Marz but I cannot assure correct operations on all existing devices, so USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK

Follow the guide “Rooting the PROPER WAY” by @Lokifish_Marz to properly flash this new TWRP.

Will it work on X5?

NO, as I wrote it is for W812 (X1/D5/X3/K9).

why do you ask? There is already a version for the X5 which @Ciro_Danise kindly posted before

Firmware version?

@Tamas_Izsan TWRP is a recovery, it works with any firmware version.

I have installed on my D5 the recovery Imperivm of Lokifish. Does your recovery fix all the troubles of this version? Clockwise, etc, etc.
Your recovery, in which firmware is based?
Thank you so much Ciro :slight_smile:

@Sergio_Mauri_Moreno the recovery is a tool for installing software, for the backup/restore of the system, for resetting and some other “low level” operations, it is not a different firmware and it doesn’t depend on the installed firmware version.

Will it work on No.1 D5+ ?

@Corey_Haque No. Go here for a working D5+ recovery:

@Ciro_Danise Thank you so much

can install this twrp on symphony e25 mt6572 ?

@Insaful_Hasan go to our tech support forum to find out about TWRP and make a request if needed.