Latest from IQI - I3 photos.

Latest from IQI - I3 photos.
There has been a change in pricing as well.
It seems the watch will be around $110 - $130 US depending on where it’s purchased. Available in 10 days

Looks like at least we’ll be having a working compass function!

let’s hope so :slight_smile:

Would be great for outer ring implementation in WF’s

Glad to see that it’s an all metal construction as well…

If it’s built like the IQI I2, I have no quality concerns. it’s built like a tank.
The watchband of the IQI I2 was way too short, I told them that and hope they took my advice. The cradle pogo-pins broke within a week. Cradle design and fitting should have been better. Hope they did a good job here too. (if you insert the watch skewed into the cradle you could fry the watch!!)

this has longer strap - they recognised that issue.
The charger is like the KW88 but much more robust. Better magnets and bigger. At first I thought “oh no !!” but then I saw a demonstration of how srong the connection is and I was satisfied. The rear case is also much easier to access the sim card and made of a stronger material than the KW88 type. It is plastic but a much better grade and build quality.

With the upcoming self made 3D printed watch stands, a loose magnetic cable is the preferred choice. Compared to the somewhat weak magnets on the KW88 cable I still prefer it to a cradle dock that causes shorts if misaligned.