Latest clockskin from me...

Latest clockskin from me…


Was a request from friend of mine, so I made one.

This is my version, idea come from some watches…

Credit to Hilfigerwatches:|dp:ecom|so:google|cg:sb|cp:290051322|co:hu|la:hu|ts:kwd-393794675|ag:21245968962|mk:hilfiger%20watch|cr:176401469425|mt:e|sl:|ap:1t1|ma:c&gclid=CjwKEAjw85DIBRCy2aT0hPmS1jkSJAC1m9UvTaSCmD231tr0TOHZ7vPK3HEnu9I8chIurvO8SCPMdBoCwKvw_wcB

Cool elegant look, easy daily use.
Free for this community.

Great, thanks

Awesome work…looks perfect… Thanks :slight_smile::+1:

Very pretty*~♤♡♢♧

Beautiful face, thak`s