Latest clockskin Diesel (inspired DZ7223) Credit to dieselwathes:

Latest clockskin

(inspired DZ7223)

Credit to dieselwathes:

I made lot work on this, to make readable/useable the face.
Redesigned many times.I think yet looking good.
Many function like step/heartrate etc.
There is two version inside the zip.
Note: work on x/+ series watches.
Hope you like it!


This one is also Great
I hope You keep going on with making Diesel Faces
You make them just perfect!!

Excellent work yet again, Thank you

brilliant, thank`s

i installed fossil clockskin and it works, then i tried to install diesel clockskin and it does not appear in clockskin section.
im using lemfo les 1.
can you tell me which w=clockskin i shoul look for?

@Dejan_Radulovic Just find your diesel folder, copy your clock_skin_model.png to everywhere, rename it to img_clock_preview.png, then copy back to your diesel folder. Maybe this help

thank you ill try

I tried and it didnt work. Thank you for trying to solve my problem

@Dejan_Radulovic ​​ i don’t know if it helps, but Zsolt uploads 2 clockskins into the same Diesel file… you need to open the file and after that you have 2 Diesel clockskins and after that just install one at a time. (Sorry if it seems a basic thing but sometimes someone could forget it) Hope it helps you :laughing:

@Rodrigo_Pina ​ i installed fossil clockskin with 2 clockskins and both appeared in th clockskin menu. But they battery levels were off guidelines. So i think that lemfo les1 is not compatible with this clockskin. But thank you for your suggestion. I’ll try anyway :grin:

@Dejan_Radulovic oh… “the battery levels off”, huummm :disappointed:, maybe yes, Lemfo les 1 is not compatible. In my Lemfo Lem 5 is working fine…

Honestly its the coolest one iv ever saw. Loved

Thank you for your time and detail :watch:

Wonderful … Thanks for your efforts

Anyone still got the file and mind sharing the download link.