Laser Projector Man Here’s a digital version of my “Hollow Man” clock skin:

Laser Projector Man
Here’s a digital version of my “Hollow Man” clock skin:
It’s styled on those controversial projection watches that may or may not exist. With this one you can actually demonstrate something real.
The lasers don’t use much battery and it won’t give you skin cancer.
The laser shimmer is subtle, I didn’t want it to detract from the display, but if you’re showing someone and they look closely they’ll see it; and hopefully go “oh yeah I see it, cool”.
To keep things uncluttered, I only show the date for a few seconds. I figured you don’t need to look at the date as often.
I’ll probably do a ladies version, but there’s a bit of work because there’s a lot more masking here than the analogue version.

And cheaper than “waxing”…

That’s IS cool… it works really well :slight_smile:

Another hairy watch. Great job.

cheaper than “waning” too…

Wow, it’s great

Wow, that looks great!

very very awesome!

how about those of us who are not…as hairy? :smiley: great clockskin!

Its jaw dropping dude… !!!

Wow, I really miss not seeing these until now. Awesome work. This is way coooooollll.

Can i use a picture of my own wrist i mean it’ll look weird if i would use it like that haha

Sure you can use your own wrist. This one has a lot of masking, so you’d have to update those as well as the background.

Here’s a little tutorial I did for the 1st “hollow” watch: It’s analogue but the concept’s the same.
I’ve already done a couple of versions though.
This one is with a darker skin tone:
This one has the laser projections removed so you should be able to just replace the background:

Because the watch is actively lit, you generally need to darken a picture you take to make it match your wrist. It also varies if you’re inside or outside, so there’s a bit of fiddling around.

alright ! cool thanks a lot !!!