KYR Watchfaces: KYR Stealth Wings pack

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Watchface Features: Analog time (hour, minutes and seconds hands). Weekday. Day. Month. Weather. Temperature. Moonphase. Battery percent.

Tap options for compatible watches: Tap in the day to open the calendar. Tap in the battery percent to open the battery options. Tap in the weather icon to open the weather app.

Inspired in a watch Micromilspec made featuring the C-130J Hercules, this watchfaces pack pays tribute to the elite stealth aircrafts. Featuring a dark background and a HUD-inspired display, these watchfacess offers a sleek and modern design inspired by the most known stealth fighters: The F-22 Raptor, the F-35 Lightning II and, of course, the F-117A Nighthawk. Each watchface shows on the top side a front view of the stealth fighter, and the font (also inspired in the HUDs from the cockpits), provides an easy access to essential information like the date, the battery level and the weather and temperature.

Whether you’re or not a fan of military aviation, this watchface is guaranteed to impress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The tap options in the version for Android 10 ONLY works with the stock firmware, and NOT in the different beta “International FAW firmwares” that are being developed by Full Android Watch and Wiiteer, because some of the apps used changed from one version to another, and others disappeared. Some of them may work, or not, in those firmwares. Keep this in mind if you’re using any of those firmware versions.

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Great piece of work . Thankyou


Thanks, Andy!

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