KYR Watchfaces: KYR Las Vegas

Available in my blog.

Features: Analog time (hour, minutes and seconds hands). Day. Weekday dial. 30 seconds dial. Battery percent dial.

Las Vegas! The city of lights. The city of sin. The city of casinos and gambling. The city of spectacles. And the city where, with luck, you can leave with tons of money. This watchface features the main items of the casino games like the roulette, the dices and three poker cards to bring the spirit of Las Vegas to your smartwatch. Good luck, player! And remember: what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas!



nice mate, I know @Doonsbury will get a kick out of this one! (I made him a card deck face request)

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hahahahahaha then he should definitely get it.

I was inspired by a model from Rolex, but I thought It would look better changing a few things.

For the day I thought about a slot machine image showing the numbers. But it looked too big, so I discarded that idea.

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@Kyrnath What a magnificent looking watch face mate! :+1: :+1: As @R_Sauvalle said, he did make me a very fine card deck face (That is still on my watch!) So I was bound to download this beautiful face…but having said that I am not addicted to gambling…just gambling style watch faces! :woozy_face: :rofl: A few years back I purchased a Roulette watch that actually works like the real thing and I’ve added a pic of it so you can see how it compares to you great effort! Keep up the good work and keep them gambling orientated faces coming! Cheers, Doons
P.S. Your face looks great on my Kospet Lite…between you and R_Sauvalle…I soon have the whole Casino on my Kospet! :rofl:


@Doonsbury hahahaha glad you liked it, mate! I have another one in mind, need to plan the way to make it and then start the watchface. Thanks for your words and compliments.


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Your more than welcome Kyrnath! :+1: I visited your blog and I must say you have a marvelous range of excellent watch faces. I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to taking a good look at all the faces you have on the blog. Thanks again for sharing that great Vegas watch with us! Cheers, Doons


If we can find out how they code interactive watchfaces, maybe The Roulette Watch can be done. :thinking:

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@Nicholas_Herczeg As always I like your ideas Nicholas :+1: :+1:…but mate…I’d rather find the code that ensures picking the right number on the wheel every time! :crazy_face: :rofl:
By the way…great to see you back on the forum mate! Cheers, Doons

Simple matter of setting a rotation value to a randomized number. Can’t be that hard do to

Yeah he’s got a nice blog going. Also YouTube channel in Spanish but with subtitles in different ones

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Thanks, man! But as I told you, my YouTube channel is very modest hehehehehe It’s just “support” for some articles from the blog sometimes :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s true.