KYR Watchfaces: KYR Color Shades

Available in my blog.

Watchface Features: Analog time (hours, minutes and seconds hands). Day.

This simple and colorful watchfaces pack is the biggest I’ve made so far. Inspired in a watch I saw (I don’t remember the brand), I created a similar style with some changes like the numbers, the seconds marks, different hands for the time and adding the date. And, also, in 10 different watchface colors!

With a dial showing 4 shades of the same color, these are the perfect watchfaces for this summer, bringing a wide range of colors to your wrist.


Good to see you back :+1: . Thanks for the hard work you put into this :handshake:

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Thanks, dude! Actually, I’ve been away more than I wanted… but we can’t say I’m “back” because I’ve NEVER left you, guys!

I’m “fighting in different fronts” these days. A couple projects from work that my annoying boss wants to have finished “for yesterday”… installing the OS in a new SSD that once it has all the settings and software I regularely use will replace my current one… setting up a computer that my neighbour gave me, that will become my main computer if it turns to be as powerful as I expect… and being the cool uncle that picks my 3 years old nephew from school and stays the evening with him until mom or dad comes from work.

But I’d never leave you, guys. I have a blog/site to manage! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

P.S: I better not tell you these watchfaces were finished before my bro’s wedding on 16 April but I didn’t publish them 'till today :blush:

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Good to hear . Welcome back lol :sweat_smile:

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Nice range of faces mate! :+1: :+1: Now @Kyrnath , you can call me old fashioned…but I thought with all that spare time on your hands you would have made wayyyyyyyyyy more faces?!! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: I mean I do as much stuff as you listed in a coupe of hours and then get down to some serious work!! :rofl: Anyway, good to see you around again mate (See?!! I didn’t say 'Welcome back:! :rofl:) Cheers, “To be honest, I never even noticed Kyrnath wasn’t around”!! :crazy_face:, Doons

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Great work. Thanks

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