KYR Christmas. Merry Christmas to everybody!

This a watchface I posted in my blog one year ago, but I post it here now because @carlton_86 requested Christmas watchfaces and @Dotsfar reminded me about this one.

Features: Digital time (hour and minutes). Weekday. Day. Month. Year. Animated Santa. Christmas lights with changing colors.

Christmas is here! And with this holiday, KYR Watches brings you the watchface for Christmas. Wear the spirit of this celebration with this beautiful watchface that shows some of the main items everybody can see this days like the blinking lightbulbs, the bell, the Christmas ball and Santa, all them with a small animation. Feel the Christmas emotions in your wrist!



Brilliant . Love that :+1:


Many thanks Kyrnath for this wonderful Chrissy present! :+1: :+1: Just for a little while, I thought you might have forgotten to get the ole Doons a prezzie…and now here you are giving me this delightful watch! Yes, I know you have to pretend to give it to the other Forum members too! Now as a rule, I don’t usually like Digital faces, but seeing it’s a present I’ll make an exception! :crazy_face: :laughing: But seriously Kyrnath, this would certainly have to be the most colourful watch face I’ve seen on the forum mate! Thanks for sharing it with us! Have a great Chrissy mate & a safe & Happy New year. Cheers, Doons


Awesome! I love me some holiday watch faces :tada:

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Great work @Kyrnath, as usual. Thanks


Thank you @Kyrnath, absolutely the most Xmas festive watchface I have seen. I love it :star_struck:


well done mate! you kept this one a secret :wink:

Merry Christmas!


Thank you Kyrnath , Really Brilliant Work,Thanks a lot would be less in words ,but I really Mean it,
Cheers Buddy and Merry Christmas to all of you Out there.



I don’t think anyone will forget to give you a “prezzie” this year. I, and probably many others on the forum, forgot to give you a present last year, and then this year came, and well… it hasn’t exactly been a good year. So I will advise anyone who reads this to give a present to Bill Ga… err, I mean Doons the almighty, this year :rofl:

PS: nice looking watchface Kyrnath


@Dr_Andy_Vishnu @Doonsbury @thomaschamlee @Joao_Nascimento @Dotsfar @R_Sauvalle @carlton_86 @Louis_Peek @noidremained THANK YOU, guys!!!

Hmmmm… something posted in my blog one year ago is something I “kept a secret”? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, for them too… but you know you are my muse, Don :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Well, I leave at morning to spend Christmas with family, so see you after Sunday, guys! Have a fantastic Christmas you all!!!


@noidremained You didn’t give me a prezzie last year? And I have been nice to you all year (Thinking I did get a prezzie and would get another this year!) and you didn’t tell me?!! :woozy_face: I mean you just let me go on being my usual, nice, kind, considerate & lovable self ( :woozy_face: :crazy_face:) and all the while you knew I wasn’t on your Chrissy present list this year!!! It just goes to show…you never know who to be nice to on here…ah well I’ve been nice this long, I guess I can stagger on with it for a few more days until the New Year…so…Have a good Chrissy @noidremained…now if that isn’t nice I don’t know what is! (And I did say nice NOT genuine! :crazy_face: :rofl:) Cheers, The genuine nice guy…Doons