KW98 Screen/display problem - overlappiing images

Hello everybody!

My problem with KW98 concerns overlappiing images on display. Just better see yourselfs:

I’ve already made a hard reset and a firmware reinstal, but even images in background doesn’t changes after that.

Screen is very green. I’ve checked tapes inside and they seems to be OK. Any ideas?

I’ve bought it on Aliexpress 03.2019 problem is since the beginning. Seller refuse any claims.

Is it the red component that doesn’t reach the screen ? If you already checked the internal cable, I’m not sure you can do much more… maybe the cable is well connected but faulty.


[Eric_Crochemore] I’ve checked again what is going on inside. I see two red cabels but one of them is from speaker and the second one is from microphone. They both are stable.

[Louis_Peek] Of course I removed all screen protectors but it’s not a source of the main problem.

Replacement of the screen should resolve this problem? What do you think?

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I was talking of the red color component of the screen. Go on settings/about and hit 3 times the Android version. You should reach the factory test screen. Then you can try the LCD test. Let us know what you get.


Sorry for long time without response. I got a new problem because I’ve changed soft and now I cannot find the original firmware… So I’m not able to make test… Eh