KW88 Zooper Pro Instuctions:

KW88 Zooper Pro Instuctions:

Can someone please provide a detailed instruction how we can set proper watchface to the KW88 using Nova launcher and Zooper Pro? Thanks. I already have all the apps required and transferred the .zw file to the template folder but I’m having a hard time making it look perfect.

Yeah hopefully we can consolidate everything in this thread. I’m also struggling to find clear instructions that’s why I decided to post another thread.

So you’re able to create a watchface in zooper but some things aren’t working like you want to?
Make a list and I’ll try to adress each item.

@Kenneth_Tan Hi, yes I was able to load the Rio watchface, but setting it fullscreen like what you di to yours was next to impossible for me. I can’t get of the circle at the bottom and the face itslef doesn’t reach the edges.

missing/deleted image from Google+

GOTO Novalauncher/settings/Desktop/advanced. Enable widget overlap.
Try if that makes a difference.
Then goto scale in the widget settings page and scale it to the max possible.
I found it to be different on different watches.
Also because it’s scaling and not pixel relative it sometimes screws up the position of some watchface elements.
A god examole of that are the led bars on the V22 watchface. They tend to shift on scaling the entire face.

I have plus maximized nova grid to maximum
But is litle hard to optimize uper limit widget

@George_Zervas ​. If it’s a touch problem for you not able to reach the upper screen area. I’d suggest you installing Teamviewer Host on the watch and controlling it through your or mac. Then you’ll see the full square desktop and you can reach all corners

No problem for me but maybe members thinking that have maximized widget but actually dont

One important also
Is how hide dock
If you use nova pro no problem just enable auto hide from settings
If you use free nova
Open zooper
Configure widget/act on tap/
Swipe right
Nova action and nova menu appear
Hide show dock.
Thats it and disable page indicator for full screen watch

Novalauncher/Widgets/Nova Action -> Hold to place on desktop.
Then choose Toggle dock!

@George_Zervas I also still haven’t figured out the difference between 1x1… to … 4x4 widgets

Some good work going on here guys, thanks for the instructions :slight_smile:

@Kenneth_Tan in my phone i do not see any diference just quick configure
Only if set different dpi act different…

I’m backreading a bit regarding zooper, so there’s really now way to maximize it to the edges of the round screen? there’s really going to be that gap?

I think I got the hang of it already, was able to load 3 watchfaces.

missing/deleted image from Google+

The difference with stock launcher or pujie widget is limitation to one face
If you do not want battery end to Quicky@Miguel_Tan

Exactly, there is no way to maximize a widget to the edges of the round screen. The only way that I can think of to have a clock fully maximized is using a live wallpaper clock and I am not able still to find one that really deserves my KW88

@Josue_Galindez mine is fully with these settings