KW88 won't turn on

Hi, I bought a KW88 for christmas for my girlfriend. Today after she charged it, it won’t turn on anymore. I tried everything, even open the 4 screw on the back and disconnect the battery. It’s just dead. I found many posts about people having the same problem with KW88 after charging, but no solution or advise that helps. Anyone here had the same problem and got it fixed?

Thanks in advance for help.

Usually I play with the cable, I put it one minute, if the watch does not wake, I remove it and put it again… it can take several attempts…

Or you can also flash it…

Jan 8, 2019 7:33:13 GMT 1 ricktop said:
Or you can also flash it...

How to flash it?
I found no reset hole and the computer doesn’t recognize it when it’s turned off.

Look the video tutorial on our YT channel.

can I get a link to this topic if possible