Kw88 widget customizing using total launcher plus key.

Kw88 widget customizing using total launcher plus key.

Wow…how did you make it?

please share the steps

Looks really good. A guide would be great .

Sunny indeed, what’s the secret?

Beli kw88 nya dimana om?

First you need to install total launcher, then install weather live app and add the widget to your screen. This launcher is the best customizable launcher I ever found. As for the tag heueur aquaracer, basically it is others design that I ported using an app. I Will Come up with a tutorial this weekend. Stay tuned

@akhmad_kai very nice work :+1:

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@akhmad_kai can share?

@akhmad_kai To get the wallpaper properly alligned on the small watch screen, it is a pain in the a%& :smiley:

Hi, the tutorial?

Hi all, no need tutorial. Just install the apk below. I’ve ported the design from @Smash_Smashin ​’s apk using apk editor. Enjoy

The best thing is, if using apk installation, we can use built in launcher. We don’t need to use other launchers that used alot of battery power. Just pick your watchface from the face selector as usual.

Wow…thank you !! this is more like it should be…now find a way (+tutorial) how to ad more clockfaces this even I could do it and share my future designs