kw88 upgread.. superpower.. 5% reduction for 12 hours. This is a shock.

kw88 upgread… superpower…

5% reduction for 12 hours.
This is a shock.

The downside is the date on the watch face disappeared .

Wowwww… great

How you get update?

@ama_bibie When you pop a wireless Internet connection upgrades.

With wifi or gsm conection?

@ama_bibie Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, off
Factory Reset , then watch faces to install .
Actually spend only watch.

What are the other changes post firmware update?

Just FYI, super power was in the previous version as well. As far as we have been told by KW, the only thing different in the new version is the CPU usage has been tweaked due to customers experiencing random reboots.

Dozens reboot, but after the upgrade certain free capacity, 73% capacity over the past two days so far.

What else get the same thing after upgrade?

There anything else…

@Hyuk_jun_Choi well that’s great news about the battery life :slight_smile:

mine is July 30 2016…is this is the latest firmware?
thanks for advising

can give me a picture of the latest software version?



KW have come out today and said that the current OTA is only for watches with the 01/08/2016 firmware. They expect to release for the 30/07/2016 firmware soon. I must admit - it’s an odd way of doing things…