KW88 Pro won't finalize connection to WiiWatch 2

Hello! I own an Android 7 Smartphone (Huawei Elate) and the Smartwatch states that is it a KW88 Pro. I am unsure if this is a true KW88 Pro, as the reseller mentioned that this watch was purchased from a company that went bankrupt and this said company had hired KingWear to manufacture this Smartwatch for them. The reseller did not include an instruction manual (nor any information about the defunct company), so I am just going by educated guesses a.k.a. “Trial and error” with this smartwatch.

The Build number show as being: KW88Pro_V1.5_NHH_B20190114. With that in mind, logic states that it was built on January 14, 2019. I am fairly electronically-savvy (having worked at RadioShack for 14 years) and a bit of a technology gadget geek. With that said, I am not a programmer, nor an expert in software hacking, but I am a quick learner in mods. I have successfully signed in with my Google Play account, paired my Elate with the Smartwatch, sent songs via Bluetooth to the Smartwatch from my Elate. and installed the WiiWatch 2 app via the QR code link found inside the Smartwatch.

Now for the questions. FIrst, as the title states, WiiWatch 2 will not finish the connection; on my Elate, it keeps showing “Connecting…” but that’s as far as it proceeds. I read the help option in the app, which says to wait 60 seconds for the pairing to complete, but I have waited 90 seconds, with no success. I have even attempted to unpair the Bluetooth of my Elate (as suggested), but again it doesn’t connect.

Second, I’m interested in Smartwatch skins. I would prefer an app that has free skins, if possible. The first and only one I downloaded is “Facer”, which offers one free skin, says it needs another app but can’t access it on my Smartwatch.

Third, no disrespect implied – I’d like information on menu mods (i.e. not written in “broken English”), preferably requiring the least storage space.

Lastly, any other tips for optimizing this model Smartwatch, such as mods not requiring us to swipe up, down, left, and right to get to another menu. In other words, similar to Android’s Smartphone UI with button apps, one Settings page and the opportunity to create folders/sub-folders, etc. for similar type of programs.

I’m not even going to attempt all your questions but offer this. I looked up Facer in Google Play Store and found this as I suspected. 'Facer Watch Faces is the ultimate watch face customization platform for Android Wear & Tizen smartwatches." The first thing you need to learn is that this is a Full Android Watch and not Android Wear. They are not compatible and apps, watchfaces etc. in general are not compatible.
I don’t use WWII but believe you have to pair the watch and phone through the connection “in the app” and not via your standard BT connection. It would benefit you to become acquainted with Mr. Ticks, Smartwatch Ticks You Tube Channel. He has several videos of the KW88 Pro and several for folks like you that are new to these Android watches like Android Smartwatch Initial Setup Guide. There is also a video on how to set up and use WWII. It is the quickest way to learn how these watches work and what you can do with them. Just don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of Watch reviews you will find by Mr. Ticks, look under “video’s.”

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The best option as I see it is to download watcfaces from this community, but if you prefer, it’s also possible to download watchfaces by going to the right end of your installed watchfaces and click the plus sign.

I believe it’s worse with other languages(for my first smartwatch I choose the language as norwegian, and if I remember correctly, that ended up giving me mostly english, some norwegian, and some chinese). If you do find such a mod feel free to share a link to it

There’s also a lot of free watchmaker skins that can run with my apps on our watches.


Jonathan – Thanks for this info; I did not know that “Android Wear” & a “Full Android” Smartwatch aren’t similar/interchangeable. To be honest, I thought the word “Android” was universal to any Google-based app/device, thus the same on any Android platform. Also, t!hanks for the reference links to the YouTube videos, I will watch them.

noid – Thanks for the proper term of “watchfaces” for which I am referencing. As for the language, I was hoping for the option to change from the Metric Scale to the (American) Standard (i.e. km -> mi & kg -> lb).

Eric – Thanks for the lead! I’ll check into what is available!

Thanks to everyone who reads this and has other input to help me ease into personalizing my new smartwatch! I hope to learn a lot here and once I’m comfortable, refer this model of smartwatch to my family and friends!