Kw88 Pro Wifi is connectin and disconnecting

I have the problem with the wifi not connecting,
the wifi from time to time connects and disconnects me after a while. I don’t know if it’s an SO problem

You usually find a simple " factory reset " fixes most problems . Always make sure you have the latest firmware installed .

I have the KW88Pro_V1.5_NHH_B_20190114 i think is the last one.

Okay . So have you factory reset to see if your problem has gone ? Thanks

Mate i do factory reset and the problem is there :S

It may not be disconnecting . It maybe simply the app you are using with wifi is going to sleep when the screen sleeps and stops the connection . If this is the case turn off the app in battery saver so it can run in the background while connected to wifi

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Where i can find that option. And the other case is when is disconnect the wifi say “saved” and not connet but my wifi is working fine, i need to turn off and on the wifi in kw88 pro to get connect sucessfull

The options are in settings under " more "

I do the steps, but the wifi still disconnecting! :S

Are you sure that you have entered the password for your WLAN correctly?
Delete it from the watch list and re-enter it.

Yes its correct, i still browsing un the google chrome, then i lock the screen, and turn on again for a while the wifi is not connected to my LAN.

If you want you can make the wifi stay connected while the screen is off:

Settings > Connect > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Always


Yeah i mark that option i’m testing rigth now. Thanks