KW88 Pro stopped working, having issues flashing it.

Hi everybody.

Today my KW88 Pro started to act up. It starts up,but goes dark after startup- Funny thing is, apps seem to be running in the background since the notifications still come through with phone droid. The only thing that “works as normal” is the turn off/reboot screen when I hold the button. So, it turns on and off just fine- but everything in between is just gone… go figure  

So I spent a fair bit time reading on the forum here and watching your video(s) on flashing a watch, and I think I’ve covered all the steps. The one thing I can’t work out is the KW88 Pro firmware (http:///thread/2884/kw88-pro-android-7). I’ve downloaded it numerous times, but I’m unable to unzip it and/or use the scatter file in the flash tool.

Is the file faulty, or is it my inexperience that’s the roadblock?

I am very new to this, so I kind of assumed it was just me not doing it right, but I thought I’d check ifanybody else are having trouble with the firmware zip file.

Ps! Very impressive to see all the knowledge people have on the topic of smartwatches here.

Hope you’re all doing well  .

Go on your recent app icon next to the reboot and look for the settings app, if available just select the reset to factory menu.

Thank you ricktop, but unfortunately there’s nothing there.

So, have checked the screen version as described in the rom link ?
You can use 7zip to unzip the rom.
Have you followed the video tutorial to flash ?

Wasn’t aware of the existence of 7zip (derp :smile:).
Thank you ever so much, that’s what was missing.
Thank you very much for your help.

can you please help to share the link wherein I get to understand how to manually flash new firmware on KW88 Pro smartwatch

Hi frahell000,

Please advise how did you manage to switch-off KW88 Pro during the firmware upgrade.
Whenever I connect the watch to PC it boots up. Does the watch need to be switched off during the firmware upgrade please?

Hi everyone
I have kw 88 pro and I need firmeware for it.It doesn’t get power on

Sorry for going dark there for a while.
When done correctly and in order, the KW88 pro will not turn itself on while flashing it.
All resources that I used to fix my watch was linked here on the forum (except 7zip which I had to use to unpack the firmware file).

Check out this video and follow step-by-step: .

Thank you again for all help, I now have a function watch again :blush: