KW88 pro asteroid os

Hi there I’m new here, and recently got myself a KW88 pro. But I’ve got to say in not entirely satisfied with the OS. For example I can’t use heart rate in conjunction with running apps, so I’m considering installing asteroid OS but there isn’t much I can find on development past mid 2018. Does anyone know where it stands and it it is possible to download more than stock apps on asteroid OS.

Try this its amazing -

Its still in development and will be completed soon .

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Actually its for wear OS.
KW88 PRO is not wear OS, so it won’t work.

Thanks, I will yet it out and let you know what I think. My skill set does not include writing software of any kind but as its a new app you’ll probably want to know how I get on with it.

This works on android watches , trust me . I have it running on mine and i know what i am talking about .

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Ok, thanks I’ll look again. Not found it on the app store yet though.

The app is great but on my KW88 PRO it does not recognize the heart rate hardware. Would that be standard or a defect on my device?

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Set it here -

App settings
App permissions
Body sensors
My running app - tick


LOL doubters FFS!:rofl:

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Maybe i am dreaming :rofl:

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More like a nightmare!

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So, I went for a run with it all set up, which I finally managed to do between ever changing shifts, a 7 week old daughter wife and friends. I’m glad to say it works very well indeed. Thank you very much! Unfortunately I haven’t got emoji set up on this to show my gratitude for the thorough mockings send my way… :slight_smile:

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Great news :+1: . Enjoy

why does my kw88 pro not supported in playstore? where to download this

What exactly are you looking for?

myrunningapp my kw88 pro not compatible in playstore

I installed it on my phone, extracted the apk, transferred that to my watch and then installed it that way.


Thats correct . But it will be soon :+1:

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I recently tried to update MYRunningApp and now I can’t get permission for the heart rate monitor and i tried older and newer apk’s. Do you know why or have you got a copy of a working version for me please?

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