Hi all. The KingWear OTA method is a little different from most.
They are releasing different OTAs for different original firmware levels.
So if you are on the 21060801 FW you can download the new OTA already.
If you are on the 20160730 FW you will have to wait a while.
Please remember - if you have root you cannot take the OTA unless you go back to full stock FW.
Also remember that it may not be worth you doing this if your watch is perfectly fine at the moment. For instance - this latest release only changes CPU settings to reduce random reboots - that’s it.  


I had the 20160801 Firmware, it is now installed since lunch time.
I will advise if I really see improvements regarding battery life as it was stated in a post on Google +


Which version WF has the Matrix and czech language?

I have the latest firmware 20160903 and i want the matix App List Style but i don’t see it. Where i can find it?


And I want it and nowhere is the procedure just 2 videos on youtube

The latest firmware solved the issue of order reverse of installed clockface which was present in earlier firmware…

egee AvatarSept 14, 2016 18:55:56 GMT 1 egee said:
Which version WF has the Matrix and czech language?

Does anyone know where this software with the matrix and the Czech language?

It was to be the original test, who advises on whom to contact.