KW88 - New OTA 20170117! Works for release 20161031

KW88 - New OTA 20170117! Works for release 20161031

@Al_Rod ​ whoa! Good news. Any personal experience to share?
(Sorry, do you mean that it works for 2016-10-31, right?)

Yes, I was on 2016-10-31 :slight_smile:
Now by OTA I have 2017-01-17 release.
This version can upload many stock watchfaces by kingwear… but apk watchfaces not work anymore.

Thank you. I can confirm it’s available for me, too. I may wait a few days for more reviews and then give it a GO

Works better than november one and has very good watch face changer, and now You can upload watch faces easyly from Kingwear watchface bank.

Those faces are coming from the same server Finow uses and they were made by our members when we used to be on XDA as well.

I got updated today.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Wow! Did you know that with the new update you can download new watchface?

@Cesar_Algredo You can download a new watchface. But I could not see a favorite design.
missing/deleted image from Google+

It would be nice if you could put custom face of kw88 in the download destination.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Yes, unfortunately you only get to download the faces available on the server. This is so frustrating it’s ridiculous. Customers want to use their own choice of faces - this is just silly

Any reason why not everyone is getting the update? Mine is at 20161215, and no update is coming, thanks!

" " @Miguel_Tan , see post title.
KW88 - New OTA 20170117! Works for release 20161031
We (who were on 2016-31-30) didn’t recieve the 2016-12-15, and so you don’t now with the
January one.