Kw88 blank screen

I found my kw88 suddenly showing nothing but a blank black screen. I tried to restart it, just hear the reboot voices. Some alarms that i’ve set are still making sounds, so are some apps. But still nothing but a blank screen.

Since then, i stopped creating watcfaces

I’ve never reflash my watch.

Should I change the lcd screen?any clue where to find a replacement screen?

Please help

What did you do prior to this ? Did you install any watch faces ?

I didn’t do anything. I thought it was running out battery which as far as I remember, it shouldn’t be. So i tried to charge it, but still no response. Just a blank screen :sweat:

As silly as it may sound try this . This based on your watch is still working and alarms work etc . This happened to me before . Pretend screen is on and your are wanting to change watchface .

So press the button you would normall press to goto watch face that is normally on to see the time

Then tap the screen as you would as if you are wanting to change watch face . Hopefully it will vibrate as normal if this is working

Swipe to the right over and over again . Say 20 times and then press the centre of screen as if selecting a watch face that you cannot see.

Let me know if this works after a reboot .