KW88 autopsy :'(

Hi, KW88 users

As I explained in this thread, my KW88 could’nt connect in USB anymore. I made a very very stupid mistake trying to flash a custom rom under TWRP recovery : I cleared all partitions including internal memory before starting the operation…so I erased my custom rom …and my system backup too

My watch is definitively dead because detection under SPFlash Tools (and all other tools with USB connection) is impossible. Maybe it could be flashed with a “China box” but this is too complicated for me (and I’m a total noob with a soldering iron)

I took photos of the victim

for information purpose, thought it could interest technophiles ^^

I show all “gold points” I found on the PCB :

The back of the PCB :

And some parts for those who’d like to know references :

This is the power button cable :

Main screen and tactile screen don’t seem to be removable (?)

Heart rate module

Can you show us the antenna inside the strap band?i would like to know the possibilities of changing the strap by leaving the antenna to be then reattached into a custom strap

Hi can i have your watch battery :grin:… my kw88 wont charging or turning on. the battery completely drained and its not charging at all :sob:. its connecting and disconnecting on my computer (windows 10) but never charging … i need someone’s help for my watch :cry:

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