Kw68 screen off but other features are working normally

I have a kw68 kingwear
Its screen is full black, even on restarting,but tuch and other features work normally
But some times (randomly) screen is back and evry thing is working normally
I dont know what may bw happened

Did you load a clockskin just before this problem started ? . Are you able to access menu to peform a full reset ? . Thanks

No i didnt set any new watchface
Some times that nscreen come back, menunis accessable
I tried factory reset but unfortunatelh nothing changed☹

Then the only last option is to find and flash the firmware . Thankyou

Thanks for your attention
Can you please help me to flash my watch?

Hi . Watch the above video carefully . And also here is a link to some bits you will need . There are also lots more info on this forum . Be carefull and dont make any mistakes . You could ruin your watch . Thanks

You will need to search for the latest firmware for this watch . I will look also . Sadly we are not official partners of kingwear products

The allcall 2 firmware may also work but again i am unsure so make sure you have correct firmware before flash .

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I think the screen is not plugged propperly. You might open it carefuly and check the screen connector.