Kronosblade Square mode doesn't work anymore

Hi all,
I only sporadically use this watch (battery life issues). After solving the black screen problem a few months ago, press and hold on the top button no longer gets me to the screen where I can go to square mode. I’ve watched Mr. Ticks setup guides for this watch and factory reset it twice. still no square mode.
I also can’t get the screen to coe on by raising my arm. I asked Jason about the blackscreen problem & firmware upgrades, and he said we were pretty much on our own. Are there any root/firmware options that will allow me to iron out these quirks? I really would like to use this watch more.

No, absolutly nothing. I’m really sorry.

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Wait- I was wrong. Here is the firmware. It’s the original firmware, not an update. But it might help:
-GENESIS - Google Drive

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Thanks for your quick answer, it’s unfortunate that the factory support for this watch was non-existent. My kernal has an april '20 build date. I see in that link that there is a file with an Aug 8 '20 build date. Is that the lates firmware? If so, I’ll try flashing that at some point. Will rooting this watch get me anything?

It’s the newest firmware, I guess. And rooting your device won’t solve your problem.

Thank you!

So I saw a post regarding regarding underclocking to solve any overheating problem and help battery life. It covered MTK6739 watches, but I thought if I rooted and underclocked my Genesis, it would solve the black screen problem if it returns (and help battery life)

I also have a Genesis, no issues. I use my Smart Touch Pro app to access the Power menu most of the time. Just a thought to see if an alternative would work if the firmware update doesn’t help.

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