Kronos Genesis Availability?

Hello all,
I am waiting on delivery of my Kospet Prime watch to be delivered from Banggood, however, I am also keen to obtain a Kronos Genesis watch.

I am having trouble finding any availability for the Kronos Genesis and everywhere I look online appears to have nothing available. Kros website seems to also be down. Does anyone know where this watch can be purchased and where the stock availability is?

I was able to log on to the web site and it shows the Genesis is “Out of Stock.” There is a link to Jason’s email on the site or go to the Kronus Genesis face book page and ask Jason there. He did periodically monitor and post on FB.

Thanks Jonathan for your reply.
I haven’t been able to connect to Kronos’ website yet and also having trouble trying to find the Kronos Genesis FB home-page. I’ll keep trying… and in the meantime, if anyone hears anything about the Genesis availability online., please let me know.

Jason has a utube channel so you could message hime there, or offer to buy mr ticks a drink and see if he would sell one of his

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Here is the link I use to go to FB page.
Kronusblade Genesis

I verified the link and it works.

Thanks, will try now.

Hello @Gazman ,
You can find an identical model on AliExpress:

Hey thanks Teebow,
I hope it’s ok to buy from this site … looks Russian and I haven’t purchased on it before.
Probably take forever and a day for delivery … but …

no pain no gain!

For me Aliexpress is the safest Chinese site it is from Alibaba group.

I would be more worried about the quality of this smartwatch is my personal opinion.

Thanks Teebow, I agree.

I agree about this watch. I own a Genesis and while I would say this watch is “similar” I would not call it “identical.” The transflective screen and the ability to take pictures outdoors in bright light is just one of the features that make the Genesis stand out.