Kronos Blade Genesis - Heart Rate

Just got the Genesis a few days ago, i am finding that the heart rate monitoring reading is out by quite alot. Doesn’t seem to be reading it accurately, i even tried shaving my wrist, doesn’t seemed to be working ? Does anyone know why this is happening ?

It’s not particular to this watch, i found that the results are not different from what the other watches give.

i am not sure but the rate i am getting is quite bad. so not sure it can be used as a fitness measurement., let say when you excercise, etc. Was expecting to give accurate reading. Also wondering if there is anyway to improve the heart rate monitoring

Hi . No there is no way to improve your readings . Thanks

Well, shaving the arm will give better results. But I’m not sure that this is an option for you…

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I tried shaving that part of the wrist but to no avail. Its quite difficult to get a stable heart rate & it’s way out like getting below 60 bpm,for resting heart rate and even after an activity, doesnt seem to be realistic. I would have thought these watches would be able to get more accurate readings by now.

Mine had a clear protective coating over the sensor from the factory. Did you remove?

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Good point . Mine also :+1:

at first, i did not but later did noticed it & removed it, hoping that it would be closer to actual reading buti did notice it a little more sensitive but reading was unstable, all over the place, but at the end it seem to go back to the same position. while i was not expecting to be precise like an medical equipment type but i wasnt expecting it to be so way out. Is this what to be expected ? i am rather disappointed with this, if so !

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Mine seems to be jumpy for a minute or two then settles down. When jogging it reads close to the treadmill reading.

My heart rate light randomly comes on and stays on when the screen is off. I’m not sure if its in the settings but I have been searching for days for the reason and even did a factory reset and it still comes on and stays on it does shuts off bit then comea back on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Sometimes moisture penetration triggers this. If this is the case, you should put the watch in a bag of rice for 2 days.
If this doesn’t help, you can still try flashing the firmware.

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The heart icon beats forever and then the app crashes saying test failed.

Edit: only works on my finger?

Have you took the sticker of the sensor ? Be carefull it may not have one . Mine did

If this doesnt work make sure you do a full factory reset ( you should as advised had done this anyway )

Thanks for the reply Doc!
I removed the plastic that was covering the sensor, the factory reset was done initially and again after I discovered the issue. A post about this happening with the Thor watch led me to try again using my finger.
The finger works every time. The arm forces the app to crash.

I did notice that I am getting a much dimmer green laser from the HRM on the Genesis than I get from the Fossil Explorist that I have. The Fossil looks like a light show and works on the arm with no problem while the Genesis looks like a laser pointer in comparison.

With that being said, I believe that overall the Genesis trumps the Fossil in every way. After one day of use this is the only issue I’ve encountered. I’m gonna do another factory reset once it gets back to 100% though. Just in case lol

I had a similar issue due to moisture where the sensor behaved irratically . I put in a sealed bag of rice ( left for 48 hours on window cill ) SIM cover removed and now it is fixed . I did a full reset once dry . Works fine now ?

Did yours get wet - sweaty ?

No. When I discovered this I was still playing through my first day with it so it’d never left the house yet.

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