Kronos Blade Genesis and replacement software

So, It did not take me long to see that the WiiWatch II is crap. Watch Droid is great for notifications etc, however, is there a Software that will utilize (interface with) Genesis and the heartrate monitor, step count and calorie burned? Google Fit perhaps? Would love a software that keeps track daily, weekly, monthly of my heart rate etc and shows monthly totals.

This is the only app that uses the built in heart rate monitor

We have a whole thread on this . Please note the developer has stopped the development of this but it works fine . Make sure once installed you allow the app to access the heart rate monitor under - sensors in watch

Also turn off app in battery - data saver so app doesnt goto sleep

Thanks, Dr. I shall, give it a try. And look up thread in forum.


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Yes, Google Fit + HeartOnTop. MyRunningApp is great for workout tracking but AFAIK doesn’t do all day tracking.

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