Kristian allen ang asked for a watchface like this one

@kristian_allen_ang asked for a watchface like this one. The challenge was to realize the time in textformat using clock skin format. It works fine, but it was a lot of work. 2nd version in italian. YOU HAVE TO SET YOUR DEVICE TO AM/PM FORMAT!

All credits to:


Download italian version:

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awesome job!!

@bricky_vl thx;-)

I see how you solved this.
Very ingenious.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp a kind of polarizing filter…

Wow , i’m speechless

Wow. Great Job

Nice work bro.@G1NT0N1C


Using stock launcher or Eric’s?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Stock launcher. That was the callenge.

Awesome work! However, I noticed “One” and “Two” have an issue and don’t appear on the watchface :frowning:

@Filipe_Silva you forgot to set your Device to AM/PM, right? :wink:

@G1NT0N1C ALLCALL W1, and yes I did, I had my watch in 24h format. Thanks for the help :smiley:
Now it works great :slight_smile:

Rare good work. You are a pro … Thank you colleague!

@Sher_Akiloff thx!

@G1NT0N1C really good design and great feedback from the community :slight_smile:
You should be proud and we are very grateful :slight_smile: Thanks

This watchface must be classed as an all time classic. It is beautiful. Can I please ask one favor? Would you be able to create an updated version where the minute script is a little larger? My old, tired eyes are struggling to make out the letters. Whether you can or can’t do this, I must state again that this is one superb piece of craftmanship. Best regards.

@Kevin_Mooney Thank you for the compliment. If I make a update, I will send you a link.
So long.