Kp2 battery life explanation

Recently got my kp2 i have been noticing some bad battery drainage only 3 hours of use per one charge
Realizing using the accubattey app checking frequently and noticed this today …
Went to health it said design capacity 1600 mah and heath was 1237 mah only from 3 sessions 267 % charged in totoal and only 3302 mah total charged in the watch to make it 267% well by calculation also from these number i realize that it is correct my battery capacity is 1237mah afterall
To over come this issue if you guys can help me and download this app from play store and test it and check health if you get some different readings please check before it gets too late
I really want you guys to help me and check

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Do you have any apps installed?

What is your usage pattern?

Did you install a wake lock detection app from the play store?

You need to identify what is using the battery. This is the way to do it.

Have you used the search function here in the forum to look for other people with a similar problem?

After reading your post I can see that you have not read the Prime 2 support thread where it is stated many times that battery samples vary between 1200 - 1600 mah…

It also depends on many factors.

You need to do some research here because there is a lot of information for you to read.

I have a lot a apps installed but only youtube and mails sends me notifications
Usage pattern its for example yesterday at 4 in evening i power on the watch fro not the battery to drain overnight . So it was on 99 idk where 1% went then made pic for eid and 30 minutes i installed apps and played on app for 20 minutes then lieing on the table battery became 75 after installation and gaming for a while played another game for 10 minutes total screen on time was 2 hour 30 min where 60% battery went and rest just lying on table
No i have not installed a wake lock app
Nothing is talking battery while screen on just it drains faster it says 6mah per minute and 6mah is 0.5% battery so 2 min 1% battery drain
I dont usually search i see in the recommended i think i have seen once but i did not have the watch that time

This not fare that you creaate a product and make the costomer to find problums with the item and wdym by 1200 to 1600 send me the link i will read all if it takes to get my watch fixed

Factors like…you said your watch gores 0.5 per hour screen off mine goes above 1 to 2 percent per hour

Send the information or link ill read it

So, for the type of use you are describing here, I find the battery consumption normal. The battery is also eaten on my smartphone when I use game apps or watch YouTube videos.

Ok agreed it is normal what about the drain while screen off wifi off no sim no location no gps and airplane on

My usage yesterday

You seem to be under the impression that I work for Kospet?

I don’t work for any watch company.

I opened this site with a couple of mates years ago and we do this in our spare time to give people assistance when they need it.

So be careful what you say and that’s the end of this.

Yes I get 0.5 % per hour in standby with no apps installed on the international firmware.
As I said before, have you tried a wake lock detection app like I said?
Not accubatttery.
That is a good app for a rough idea but it is not for finding the cause of battery drain.

Which firmware are you using and get a decent wake lock detection app.

If you are unhappy with the international firmware just go back to the stock firmware.
Don’t forget… It was a choice… Your choice - to try it or not.


Ok leave it maybe this forum wont answer my aquestion ill just ask someone else u might just dont know how much i worked hard to collect money for this

Nobody put a gun to your head and made you buy it. Bye.


…maybe this forum doesn’t understand what you really want to ask…


@G1NT0N1C It certainly seems that way… Yes