Kospet Prime Watch Face

Can somebody please explain step by step, how to get watch faces,for Kospet Prime without using wiiwatch2 apps, I am really new to this? Thanks

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If you look at the category round custom faces, you’ll find thousand of faces. Most of them will work on your watch. For faces in the Universal launcher section you’ll need to install UL first.
On our startpage you’ll find a link to our YouTube cannel. Maybe you should watch some videos? If there are question left after, we will try to help, ok? But you will have to deal with it a little yourself first.


The video is awesome​:+1:t5:, I was able to do everything I wanted to do after I watch the video, I really appreciate the video well done, know I am very happy with my Kospet Prime​:watch:,Thank you very much Cheers,:beers:


can you post the link to the demo video here ?

@onkar1502 This is exactly all you need to do.
That’s why we have a menu for categories and a search function.