Kospet Prime User Manual in PDF format

With slightly aging eyes I started searching for a PDF version of the Kospet Prime User Manual since the one in the box is a small font hard to read. Google searches could not seem to find one anywhere. The link on the Kospet web site for a User manual didn’t work so I wrote them an email and just received a response with a download for the PDF of the User manual. If you would like to have the manual in PDF for easier viewing you can find it here:
Kospet Prime User Manual download

I don’t have an account at mediafire so I’m not sure if it will stay up there beyond a couple weeks. If anyone can put it up elsewhere feel free to do so or I’ll try to find another spot where it will stay longer.


Thank you for your share!

You are very welcome. I’m putting the PDF up now on another site where I think it will stay longer. Here is the link:
Kospet Prime User Manual in PDF

No signup, fast download, no virus site but you may have to turn off ad blockers to download it.