Kospet prime USB

Hi I’ve just been trying to upload some music to my prime. Only to find it does not like my laptop. It’s managed to stop my USB ports from working. Anyway I’ve now fixed this and would like to know a safe way to communicate with the watch as it’s not working through the USB.

USB usually works well. Try another USB cable. I personally connect my watch to the dock by holding the watch close to the dock until it is tightened. Then go to the settings of the watch and search for connection- USB. Activate data transfer.
One way to transfer music to the watch without USB: create a music folder in Google Drive and load your music directly from gdrive onto the watch.


Sometimes although its charging the watch it isnt sitting correctly on the dock so the usb data transfer doesnt work . Just a thought


Hello, if you are still looking for help to connect the watch via USB: You have to activate the developer options in: settings/more/about watch/ - then NOT developer options - but / fast click - but not too fast around 8 times on BUILD number - and you will open straight the real android developer options!
There be careful not to change wrong settings, scroll down to USB debuggin (click on) and again scroll down to “select UBS configuration” - and select TTP (2.point). FINISHED
After this, if you connect your watch with docking station to your PC, you will be asked for charing or data transfer or something else. It works perfect you you can transfer all your watchfaces, music of whatever. Hope this is a help, I extra created account to inform - because yesterday I was so happy to get the connection running and install watch faces (for me the additional watch faces increase the value of this watch really much) Sorry for my bad English & take care & stay healthy!!

Hi Haico
Thanks for the information I will check this out and hopefully it will let me upload new faces and music.
Thanks again

Hi. I’ve tried the above and the USB just crashes. My lab top. I did manage to see the storage folder but it only shows photo files and nothing else. I’ve even managed to get a jpeg file across to the watch. From my laptop but it did lock up after this process…so maybe I can only load files through the WiFi. Does anyone know any different. Technique.

What type of laptop do you have? What operating system is it running?

Hi I’m running a Dell windows10.

I have a Win 7 laptop no issues. I believe Win 10 is a bit more troublesome. Do you have the correct USB drivers installed? Maybe another Win 10 user can assist you.