Kospet Prime Strava

First post - seems a great watch . My favourite APP Strava having just one problem . Might be a common problem to other APPS where the save button or other access button is off screen . Is there a workaround for this ? Strava works fine Finish button press Ok but takes you to screen to save activity . It seems Strava APP is minature of full phone version rather than a cutdown verion suitable for this smartwatch. I have not found a keypress combination to save it nor a workaround screen format.


Hi and welcome . This is normal . Press and hold your power button . You will see a round white circle at the top " tap this " which enters square mode . Go back into app and it should work . When finished do this in reverse to go back to round mode . Also i would turn " off " strava in data saver and battery saver so it runs in the background . Thanks


Do you use the UL launcher? You should do. It gives you the opportunity to use widgets. Strava has a widget which you can use on your watch, if you have the UL launcher installed. It’s a simple widget, it has a start/stop button and it gives you information about your session.

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