Kospet Prime Strava

First post - seems a great watch . My favourite APP Strava having just one problem . Might be a common problem to other APPS where the save button or other access button is off screen . Is there a workaround for this ? Strava works fine Finish button press Ok but takes you to screen to save activity . It seems Strava APP is minature of full phone version rather than a cutdown verion suitable for this smartwatch. I have not found a keypress combination to save it nor a workaround screen format.


Hi and welcome . This is normal . Press and hold your power button . You will see a round white circle at the top " tap this " which enters square mode . Go back into app and it should work . When finished do this in reverse to go back to round mode . Also i would turn " off " strava in data saver and battery saver so it runs in the background . Thanks


Do you use the UL launcher? You should do. It gives you the opportunity to use widgets. Strava has a widget which you can use on your watch, if you have the UL launcher installed. It’s a simple widget, it has a start/stop button and it gives you information about your session.

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Does anyone know how to use strava and pandora at the same time? I tried UL launcher and it didn’t help.

A launcher will not help. Make sure that both application are allowed to run in background on the watch.


Yes, that’s what I need. How to accomplish this allowing them to run in the background?

Look in background cleaner and battery saver setting

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I found that but is there away to make sure the GPS is working in the background? My track is all over the place in strava. It has my run correct track but also other points. I cannot see how to put a picture on here. It turned a 2.5 mile run into a 28 mile run.

Strava Run

I use this

I turn off app in battery and data saver . All included gps works 100% fine . I keep screen as always on . You can also allow heart rate monitor under watches " sensor setting "

Never used strava but maybe you can try the same

Thanks. I turned the screen time out up so that it stayed on. It did work but then forgot to revert the setting. It drained the battery.

The GPS still didn’t track that well when you zoom in.

Does your GPS track closer to your path?

I have results similar to yours

Sorry but as i said i do not use strava . You will not get any of these issues with my running app . I use the always on screen option .