Kospet Prime SE - Power Saver & Messaging

Good morning\afternoon\evening everyone,
I would first like to wish everyone a safe and joyous Christmas and New Year.

I have a Kospet Prime SE running 7.1.1 and I occasionally find it’s useful to use the “Power Saver” option where a long press allows for a default digital time display face, saving battery life by disabling all other features is very useful.

My 1st query,
is there anyway to enable the Power-Saver option and still be able to receive phone calls via the sim? I like saving the battery charge but it would also be really great to allow phone calls through which might prove to be really important.

My 2nd query,
when receiving text messages which are sent directly to the watch sim, how can I access the quick reply text options? (there are several built-in text responses and your own can be added). The keyboard is quite small of course and my fingers are not ideal for typing messages so the occasional “quick reply” would be super handy.

Thanks in advance from a rookie!