Kospet Prime SE, - Out door run issues

Yesterday morning I found outdoor run issues as follows.

  1. The measured distant is not accurate,
    actual distant is 2.64 km. But distant measured by my Prime SE is 3.45 km.
    GPS high accuracy mode is on and Use the positioning is on.

  2. The Historical Track look very funny.

With this issue and dark skin HRM issue, I plan to install Huawei Health app on my SE in order to pair my SE with my old Honor band 3 but I can not find Huawei Healht app by using Google Play pre-installed on my SE.

Are these issues is general for Prime SE or just for mine?

If it just for mine, I will return , refund and reorder.

Return and refund is accepted by Kospet.

Please feel free to suggest / comment.


Have you correctly set your health values ? Step size depends on your size, kilometers are then calculated from steps. Other solution is to use an app that uses the GPS.

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Hi . As a keen runner i have tested most of these watches for running etc . To give you a idea most give the same readings over a 10k run . The readings are usually a quater of a mile out compared to a good phone .

I use this app with gps - sim - data

You can also enable it to use HRM within watch sensor settings . I never use the stock fitness app

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Yes, I set it correctly.
It look like outdoor run uses GPS, the app ask me to open GPS and set to high accuracy mode and at the beginning of the run it ask me to stay still in order to check my position.

This is the funny historical track

Thank you so much,
Can I download and install this app via play store?
Can this app solve HRM dark skin issue by using sensor setting function?

No . You will have to install the .apk i posted . No it will not help dark skin problem . Best of luck

The cryptic link you got from @Dr_Andy_Vishnu is to a fitness app called “myrunningapp”.
For more information, check this official thread.

Regarding your problem with GPS. I would suggest you update the A-GPS database, you can use an app like " GPS test" or GPS toolbox (I think it is the name) both are downloadable from the play store on your watch. Another thing, always allow time for your watch to get a fix before starting a workout.
If you have wifi on, before leaving the house, make sure you start the gps tracker so you get a rough position. MyRunningApp has a count down from 15 secs as default, but you can add a minute extra.

In regards to the heart rate, I use a “smart bluetooth” belt… bought it for 8 euros or so new. It lasts months on a single battery and it measures instantly and way more reliable than the built-in one. To keep BT pulsebelt connection stable, I use BT true wireless earphones with something playing.

I use kospet prime btw.

Thank you so much for your valuable advices.
I will check and feedback.


Do you mind me asking which model you have?


sure. (though its a little more expensive now for some reason. 9 euros about)

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Thanks a lot!

np. just remember, you need “smart bluetooth”, not ANT+… you dont pair the belt, it’s up to the app you are using to detect it in settings. (works on strava, myrunningapp, decathlon, endomondo, ghostracer and more)


I’ve installed both GPS test and Myrunningapp, the former let me know that GPS of my Prime SE is ok (a little bit weaker than my phone) and the latter give me more fun during running exercise this morning. The accuracy of distance measurement is acceptable, the historical track is beautiful but I could not set it to use built-in heart rate sensor.
Could it utilize Prime SE built-in heart rate sensor ?


Go to app settings (system) and give permission for MyRunningApp to use sensors.

Then, start MyRunningApp and go to its settings and tick the box for use built-in heart rate monitor.

I’m not sure it will give you accurate readings. So do as I do and get the belt

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Thank you so much.
Now it’s set.

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also, disable google maps if you into problems with strava export and pacing being twice as fast as it is.

I tested it this morning, everything look OK except built in heart rate monitoring due to my skin is not white enough. No problem with distance measurement (10.48km. / 10.56 km.) and pace calculation is correct.


Hola Amigo. soy de chile, me dijeron que tu eras el hombre clave…tengo el kospet prime SE y prime 2, y ya no toma operador telefónico, creo que es IMEI pero e llamado a las compañías y me dicen que no tiene los aparatos bloqueo IMEI. que crees tu que puede ser?

hola po…
kyr forgot to mention this is a strictly english speaking forum. there are some users here who knows, or at least have helped others in the past getting connection. I’m sorry you have problems

Please ask @pablo11 (he’s the offical kospet man around here) for help getting a phone connetion on the sim. I’ve seen this numerous times, I’m optimistic you will have it working.