Kospet Prime SE failure

Is there any type of guarantee for a watch which will no longer function (can’t access it to try a factory reset, etc).

Purchased via Banggood

Bummer, Hope you can get a solution! Is it older than a year?

Have you already tried to flash the firmware?

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Thanks for the sympathy Edward, unfortunately it’s 18 months old

Sorry, but thats a good life span. Look for a new one! Android 10

I’ll take your word for it… On the other hand, my crystal radio set stills works after 75 years!

Thank you @G1NT0N1C and @Dr_Andy_Vishnu - I’ve never tried that but will attempt to muddle through!

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UPDATE @G1NT0N1C @Dr_Andy_Vishnu @Edward

Flashed the firmware to no avail, sending it yo the junk heap!

Sorry R.I.P Kospet SE

Did you get the message “success” in the flashtool after the flash process?

Yes, waited for download to fully load, removed and started watch… STILL flickers

Then I would suspect that it is a hardware defect. Sorry I don’t have better news for you.

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Que Sera Sera

Lemfo has 2 year warranty right now! LEM 15 would be nice!

Interesting @Edward , but I don’t want to sacrifice Kospet’s 6 day battery life for just two (according to Mr. Ticks)

As you now having nothing to lose maybe worth opening up and see if screen loose ? Its a long shot

Been there , done that… Thanks anyway

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Heyhey…are You HamRadio amateur?

73 Hermann