Kospet Prime SE - display international times?

Firstly, let me say I am quite happy with my new Kospet Prime SE and am super appreciative of the help and advice received thus far from Full Android Watches members and senior persons. I have had my Prime SE for almost a week now. (initially preordered the Prime 2 and then switched back to Prime SE)

As a quick learner but a relative newbie to smartwatches, I have a couple of basic queries;

#1) I live in Australia and I would like to have an option to display a USA time zone (Florida) and a UK time zone display (London) on a separate screen. I would like to be able to swipe from my home screen to a new screen or page which displays these 2 time zones.

Is this possible … and if so, does anyone have instructions?

#2) I would like to have the lower of the external 2 buttons assigned to perform an action or switch to an app.
Any idea how to do this? (N.B. I tried installing re-mapper to achieve this but couldn’t get it to work and I have since uninstalled that app).

Thanks in advance to all. Peace.

Unfortunately, this is not possible if you are using a stock launcher. No more pages can be added. If you replace the stock launcher with a nova launcher, it is possible to add additional pages. The nova launcher does not recognize the round display and watch faces. Therefore, I do not recommend this. Prime’s own clock application can display the time of several cities at once. You set the necessary cities there. If this is very necessary for you then do some quick access to the clock application. Use a version of the floating button or buttons remapper.

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thanks gyuri, I’ll give the floating button option a try and see if i can make that work.

Hi, as for point 2, please try my watchface…

Might be able to give you further ideas, i use arraytype 100 to map/assign some area…

@Garethorus thanks for your advice and the link to your watchface. I am fairly new to this technology and I generally don’t fool around with the stuff underneath the hood until I know the basics but I will tread carefully and test the waters with your suggestion. Cheers!

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