Kospet Prime screen not responding

Charges fine, restarts with either fastboot or long boot. Screen wont respond to touch, buttons work. Tried connecting to a PC.

Did the touchscreen ever work or is this a new watch?

This is a test wonderful watch that worked for a month, I was one of the early buyers.

It is as if the screen is locked but switches screens with power button only, meaning long press and short press and tap presses work.


Please try to perform a factory reset. If this won’t work you should try to flash the firmware.


Try cleaning the screen with a couple of drops of water and wipe dry with clean napkin. I know it sounds stupid, but try it. I’m trying to eliminate possible problems in order. Also, make certain there is no screen protector (thin plastic piece) applied to the glass. Remove it if it has one.
This could also be your problem…


Using what program? Reset only works through touchscreen.

If you decide to flash use this tutorial . Thanks


Here is after it was cleaned, I want to try the easiest way to get it working.

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OK. I think it is a hardware issue, unfortunately. The ribbon cable connectors inside the watch can become loose. I think the watch needs to be opened and the display connector re-seated, but I can’t be certain of this. I think the firmware is ok because it boots up and runs.

Hey! I just thought of something! Doesn’t this watch have a “face unlock” feature?! Maybe it’s just locked! Perhaps the camera is not working or it doesn’t recognize your face!

Maybe GinTonic is correct about re=flashing it somehow because Kospet changed the unlock feature which would affect YOUR watch since you had one of the first ones. Maybe they had problems with it!

That could be what is hanging it up, but I never activated face unlock. Gonna try to flash and will let you guys know.


Yes, you should flash the firmware. If this won’t work, it’s an hardware issue.
In this case, I would open the watch and check the connectors. But this is just an option if you know what you are doing. Otherwise contact the seller and try to find a solution.