Kospet prime screen flickering

my watch just started to flickering the screen for no reason. does anyone have solution for this issue? thanks

Normally a factory reset would resolve this . If not let me know and we will try something else

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i have tried with factory reset but it didnt help. thanks

Hmm, I would try to check if the screen is propper connected. But this is just an option if you know what you are doing. There is a video Mr. Ticks did. It shows how to open it.


thanks, i will check out the video to get some ideas :slight_smile: and will see if i can do it

Here comes the link:-https://youtu.be/rO9vqfFs1GI

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I’m having the same flickering issue with the kospet prime

Have you tried a full reset of watch yet ?

Full reset doesn’t fix issue.

You could try flashing the firmware . If this doesnt help you could have a loose screen connector inside . Problem is if you open up the watch no warranty and connector very fragile . Very easy to break . How old is yours

I really don’t want to send the watch back, it took me AWHILE to get it! It will probably take even longer to send it and to get it back.

Less than 1 month old.

I’m 99% sure that it is a hardware issue. If you know what you are doing (and just in this case!) you can open the watch and check if the screen connector is plugged correctly.
Otherwise you should send it back.

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I’d agree it’s probably a hardware issue but I’d try a firmware flash first before opening it up as a flash is easy compared to opening a watch like this.

Did your watch have any bumps or drops recently? If the flicker showed up after that than a firmware flash is not likely to fix it.

I doubt it’s related but when I first got my Kospet Prime it was doing a lot of strange things for about 20 minutes like jumping around to different screens, reacting to my finger before it was even close to touching the screen and some other oddities. A reset didn’t fix it but after a few more minutes all of those problems went away and have not returned. It was over 90% charged right out of the box so not a low battery problem either.

Does your watch flicker when you have it on the charger also? If not it could be a battery connector issue. I’m not sure how difficult it is to get to the battery on this watch but if it is possible I would reseat that connector too.

My watch! Not wife!!.. Lol

The update that I mentioned it’s making my wife kind of jerky. Not good!

I baby my toys! Lol No drops, bangs or bumps. I just received a some kind of a update, do or does anyone know what’s in it? It installed @ 7:00pm 7/11/2020.

It will be the latest firmware for your watch with improvements . Make sure you fully factory reset your watch and start again . Its recommended

Thanks for the fw update, that seemed to fix the flicker issue, the watch is very stable now and the battery is staying charged longer.


Update, I’m not able to refresh Google drive, saying not connected, I always stay connected to my router. Never had any issues.